Spanish Language Learning – ¿Tres idiomas en un año? !Ese es un problema!

Warning:explanation ahead

I’m still in school, still young, and still fairly ignorant when it comes to spanish.

I was casually studying Spanish for three years, However, when the whole virus thing came around, I was left to my own devices, and that got boring really quickly.

So, I figured I’d put some effort into Spanish. I started by focusing more on Doulingo, then on watching TV with subtitles, then on listening to Spanish if I were running, walking or just outside. It quickly became more than an hobby, but something that I genuinely loved. This progression has been ongoing for a few months at this point.

I went from being able to get by in a conversation, to reading, listening to and understanding so much more than I thought I ever would. My Spanish has increased ten fold, if not more, and I love it. I’ve still got much to learn, but at this rate I would confidently say that within a year or two it would be likely that I could classify myself as “fluent”

Unfortunately, there’s a massive barrier in my way;

I’m fairly sure that there’s a fair bit of Irishmen and woman on this sub. If so, then I assume yous all know about the whole Irish thing. Really difficult language to learn as it is, but through multiple bad experiences and years of mishandling my Irish is near nonexistant. Early this year I attempted to repair and construct any knowlage I had in it by getting grinds, which, although somewhat helpful, were hard to do online and kinda put me more off the language even more. yet, I still need to continue them when the summer has concluded If I want to get any points in the state exam three years from now.

That obsticle is difficult enough, but there’s one more.

(I’m still going off the notion that schools in Ireland will reopen this year, if not, then the following point is rendered as not a problem)

In Fourth year, my school allows you to take a Russian class, which was my original favorite language, one that is still close to me but has since been replaced by my newly found love of Spanish.
I intend to do that class. I obviously won’t be able to put too much effort into it, but I want to learn to hold as much as I can.

The main thing is, I wish to continue learning as much Spanish as I am now, so I may be able to not just achieve high points on the state exam, but be truly fluent one day. It’s just that I’m not quite sure how I can continue with my rapid progression while also attempting to massively bolster my irish and slightly grow my Russian, I’m unsure if doing all three at once is even feasible.

TL;DR how do you keep your rapid progression in Spanish while also intensely studying Irish and casually learning Russian. I have three years to become good at both Irish and Spanish.

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