Chinese Language Learning – Who are the YouTubers who speak Chinese as a foreign language in their videos?

As I’m building up confidence with my oral Chinese, I’m starting to upload myself speaking to YouTube (it doesn’t matter really—practically nobody watches them, and anyone who is more advanced than me was once at my level).

I’m thus becoming interested in finding out who else is posting videos of themselves practicing/speaking Chinese (that are *not* ultra-edited and ultra-rehearsed, *nor* trying to manipulate you into buying something), i.e., genuine students or L2 Chinese speakers. Thus far, I’m aware of:

– [Crystal_BLR](
– [Jaap Grolleman](
– [JJsays – 雪莲说](
– [玛莎CN](
– [Thomas阿福](
– [我是朱力安](
– [Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约](

Any more?

*Edit*: Thanks everyone! I’ll list them below to make it easier:

– [A.I.Channel China]( (anime style)
– [Dashan 大山]( (although he’s in a league of his own)
– [超級爺爺 SuperG](
– [Fluent in Mandarin](
– [杰里德Jared](
– [Jerry Kowal 我是郭杰瑞](
– [口语老炮儿马思瑞 Laoma Chris](
– [laoshu505000](
– [老雷]( (some paid content)
– [LeLe Farley](
– [Steve Kaufmann – lingosteve]( (in his [Chinese playlist](
– [我是阳离子]( (Bilibili)
– [无名的小雷](

These are odd ones out (although I didn’t check every video):

– [Blondie in China](; she occasionally speaks Chinese
– [Miki在新加坡 Miki in Singapore]( seems to be a TV show
– [Oriental Pearl]( has some Chinese-speaking videos e.g. [here](
– [歪果仁研究协会 Ychina]( doesn’t seem to have much Chinese

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