Chinese Language Learning – What is the differences between the following words?

1. [很]( versus [蛮](
2. [凉鞋]( versus [拖鞋](
3. [妻子]( versus [夫人](
4. [多少]( versus [什么](
5. [礼品]( versus [礼物](
6. [打算]( versus [安排](
7. [有名]( versus [出名](
8. [严重]( versus [认真](
9. [肚子]( versus [胃](
10. [赶快]( versus [块](
11. [牙齿]( versus [牙](
12. [脸]( versus [面部](



For no 4, from my understanding, you must say…..


wendu shi duoshao or jintian wendu shi duoshao? = what is the temperature/today


can I basically substitute duoshao with shenme?

What is the main difference and is one more formal than the other? I will keep adding new list here for future questions….

For no 6) Can you say……. ni you anpai/dasuan ma? = do you have any plans?

What is the difference between no 7? Do they both mean famous or popular? Can i use either youming or chuming to describe someone who is famous? can i say…ni shi youming de ren or ni shi chuming de ren= you are a famour person… Can i also say…. ni hen youming/chuming?


I am also guessing that for number 8, is yanzhong used only in medical condition? I am also guessing that ren4zhen1 means to be serious in doing something… like in studying or working etc…

For number 8, do they both mean stomach?

For number 9, what is the difference between youming and chuming? Can i say the following?

ni hen chuming

ni hen youming

ni shi chuming de ren

ni shi youming de ren

What is the difference between gankuai and kuai? can i say..

kuai jiao yisheng = gankuai jiao yisheng… = quickly call a doctor?

Can i say… jinji qingkuang, ni keyi kuai/gankuai jiao yisheng ma?

What is the difference between ya1 and yachi? Do they both mean tooth or teeth? I guess that yachi is the plural of ya?

What is the differene between mianbu and lian? do they both mean face?

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