Chinese Language Learning – What is the best way to learn Chinese?

The most important thing in learning Chinese is to learn Chinese characters. Chinese characters are divided into four categories: pictogram, referring, meaning, and pictophonetic character. Learn Pinyin while learning Chinese characters. It is not to learn Pinyin first, then learn Chinese characters. Chinese characters are the basis.

All Chinese characters are derived from the development of pictographs. There are about 150 pictographs, and each pictograph is a simple picture. Unlike phonetic characters, Chinese characters are ideographic. The key of learning Chinese is to learn Chinese characters, then words phrase and sentences.

This is the word “again”, pronounced yòu, which is intended to be a hand, and mostly refers to the right hand. The extended meaning is “again”.


The earliest is to draw that a person extended his right hand and raised three fingers. Hold one finger up, then hold up one finger, and hold up another finger. So it means “again” . But is it troublesome to draw three [fingers]( each time. So it became easier and more convenient, and it was written as “又” as it is now. This is how the character “又” was written during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and it was called 篆书. This is a kind of writing in the evolution history of Chinese characters. There are seven main writing methods in the evolution history of Chinese characters, “甲金篆隶草楷行”.


Every Chinese character is developed from a picture, and every idiom has a historical story. In a word,learning Chinese is listening stories.

Learned Chinese characters, at the same time learn Pinyin, learn words, phrases and sentences. This is the correct learning order.


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