Chinese Language Learning – Teaching Mandarin—pacing and frequency wordlists?

I made a recent post about being a high school student wanting to make a Mandarin study club to basically further their own learning. Can I get some feedback on how I think I’ll structure the club?

The club will probably be live for about 4 months, Feb-May. 10 words a week, 40 words a month. 160 words in total. That’s enough time to complete a semester’s worth of Chinese, according to HSK 2.0.

Allset’s A1 Grammar guide has 40 grammar points. Two weeks out of the month, I’ll introduce two grammar points each. During the other two weeks, I’ll introduce three grammar points each. That’ll ensure that I cover all of the grammar points, and I don’t think it’ll be too overwhelming as some of Allset’s grammar points can easily be combined together (ex. expressing close possession without “de” and with de).

The only kind of thing I plan on teaching is grammar. But I still want to provide all the resources I can on vocabulary. So I thought that it would be a good idea to include those lists, but I would only take about 10 words from those lists and give to club members as “suggested practice,” and if they’re actually dedicated to the language, then they’ll learn the rest themselves.

I also thought that it would be a good idea to tie the grammar points to the “vocabulary of the week.” For example, one week I introduce the 星期 + number grammar point, and the related vocabulary list is all about telling time relative to the week. But I also don’t know/have any good resources on frequency lists.

Are there are good anki decks tagged according to the subject? Everyday common subjects I can think about off the top of my head are family, friends, school, jobs, food, clothes, time, weather, animals, hobbies, social media, and video games—general topics and topics that teenagers usually talk about. I would also appreciate decks or resources that have colloquial terms/sayings that, for example, teach 你干嘛了 and 吃了吗 instead of 你在做什么 and 你好吗.

And, finally, here’s a general idea of how the club will go. Via a club website, I’ll have weekly “lessons” that club members will self-study on their own. Week 1: Here’s basic grammatical structure SVO, and grammar point 叫 + name. Here’s your 10 words, but if you want (it’s heavily suggested that you do), look at this vocabulary list/anki deck on pronouns and nouns. Here are the Allset links to the grammar points, read this newbie DuChinese story, watch this Grace Chinese/ShuoshuoChinese video on grammar. On campus club time will focus on writing hanzi, questions/feedback, chinese music, TV, and movies.


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