Chinese Language Learning – Searching advices to continue to learn Chinese

I’m searching some advices about how to continue to learn Chinese.

I just finished to study Mandarin during 3 semesters in an university in China. My last semester was ”初级B“ and I should have started “中级A” if I would have not stopped. My class level was between HSK4 and 5. I live in China by the way.

The teaching was very academic and “university” oriented, which was not too useful for daily life and even less for work. Several times Chinese friends told me that they don’t even use some words or expression that I learnt. Also, to be fair, I was kind of bored last semester, and didn’t push too much my study and already forgot most of the vocabulary, even the ones I could have used during my daily life.

My main problems to continue to learn Chinese are:
– I can’t remember the vocabulary. I feel that without context and if not in a useable sentence, I can’t remember it. My goal is to know the pinyin AND the hanzi (simplified characters of course). I tried flashcards with Pleco, but 1 character can have so many definitions that often I don’t even remember why I have this flashcard.
– I don’t know where I can learn daily life and work vocabulary/sentences. I feel there are 1 million way to say the same sentences in Chinese, and seem I never use the good ones.
– My listening skills suck so much. I’m already not music/sound/languages talented. And if you had the Chinese tones + the different accents from people all over China (and it’s a huge country!), it’s very difficult to understand. Now I start to be able to speak a little little bit with Chineses, but when they reply, I’m like 听不懂. I can actually catch sometimes some words, but usually I don’t understand the sentences.
– I do conversation exchange twice a week. During university time, I was practicing reading and speaking from my books, but now that I finished Uni, I don’t know what is the best way to use my conversation time. Because my language is still too poor to really talk about anything random.

I assume many Chinese language learners had the same problems. So if some of you have advices for me, it would be more than welcome! Right now I feel so lost and so frustrated to have learn so much Chinese and still not be able to speak.

Thanks in advance!

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