Chinese Language Learning – Reading Subtitles in LingQ

I want more native materials but cartoons and tv shows are just a bit above my level. I understand the general story, but A) I’m missing all the nuance and B) I’m not learning anything new. New words are incomprehensible, and therefore go over my head – instead of into it. So for the past six months or so I’ve had this idea of reading the script first, extracting useful vocab, and then watching the show to reinforce it.

The first thing I tried was watching manhua, because I figured I could read the original comic first. This didn’t work though because: 1) the comic and TV show will never be exactly the same 2) I can’t read traditional characters, which is what most ‘good’ manhua are written in 3) Because the comic is either a digital image(usually PDF) or physical copy, it’s a pain in the ass to look up new words. So, that didn’t work.

Here’s what does work; subtitle files. **You can download subtitle files, convert them to text files, then drop them into LingQ**. Now reading the whole script is easy and pain-free. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: **Find the show you want to watch on Bilibili.** (Yeah, I know, obvious right? But it’s useful to know the Chinese name for Step 2)

Step 2: **Search the English and Chinese name for the show on** [**Shooter**]( Expect messy results, you’ll probably have to download and open a few different versions before you get the right one. You can open subtitle files by right clicking>open with>word. What you’ll see is the dialogue plus a whole bunch of bullshit that you don’t actually want, we’ll solve this problem in step 3.

Step 3: **Removing all the timecode data** can be done with a simple drag and drop into this [Subtitle Tools Converter]( You will receive a plain text file with just the subtitle text from the show.

Step 4: Some shows will include the **subtitles for the intro music**. To remove this, find the title card and delete everything above it. Control+F the episode number or title might be the best way to do this. Find out the first line of the outro music and Control+F that too(maybe try 即將結束). Any better method welcome.

Optional Step: **Convert from traditional to simplified or vice versa**. This may be necessary depending on the show you want to watch. This [tool from purple culture]( let’s you convert the whole TXT file in one go.

Step 5: Copy paste the text into LingQ.


And there it is. Enjoy!

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