Chinese Language Learning – Peeking into the ancient Shang society via the pictograms of the oracle bone scripts

I was checking the oldest forms of some basic Chinese characters through this website ([]( What I see is a patriarchal, shamanistic society that gathered to eat together from the same cauldron, gave offerings to grain gods, played music with drums, and viewed women’s submission and confinement as ideal.

I can only share 20 images in one post, so I’m just posting part of the images I saw – I find it fascinating that the modern, basic Chinese characters still secretly contain the scenes from such a distant past. What do you think?

[Woman: a kneeling person with the arms crossed in front of her body; now 女](

[Field: a patchwork of fields; now 田](

[Force: a hand with the arm curved to indicate muscle flexing; now 力](

[Man: One who uses his strength to work in the fields; now 男](

[Eat: a big cauldron/people under the roof; now 食](

[Dance: a person wearing something on her/his arm; now 舞](

[Music/Joy: a drum made of wood; or a person holding drums; now 樂](

[Medicine: almost identical with above; can be interpreted that a shamanic ritual with music and drums was used for medicine; or maybe they just had the same pronunciation in spoken language; now 藥 ](

[Society/Organization: mouths (口) gathered to eat under the same roof; now 會](

[Water/Liquid: shows the flow; now 水](

[Liquor/Wine: liquid in a wine vessel; now 酒](

[Deity/Manifest: altar; or a spirit manifested (spirit coming to the altar); now means \”show\” 示](

[Earth/Soil: something rising from the ground; now 土](

[Society: The god (示) of the soil (土) or altars to the god – above, a society (會) was a group of people who gathered to eat together. Here, a society is (people at) a religious ritual ](

[Good fortune/Good luck (fu): a wine vessel devoted to a god/spirit manifested (示). Now, 福 – the Chinese people have this character everywhere ](

[Child/Son: just looks like a child; now, 子](

[Like/Be fond of: a child and a woman; like a woman and her child like each other; now, 好](

[Milk: a woman breastfeeding; now 乳](

[Home/family: people in a house; now 家](

[Safe: a woman in the house; when a woman is in the house, all is well; 安](

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