Chinese Language Learning – Nintendo Switch games with Chinese *audio* (a running list)

Hi, I’m new to the sub and wanted to find/make a list of all the Switch games that have Chinese audio and/or voice acting.

>For some, I’m basing the information off of the Steam or PlayStation stores since they have an easy way to check the language options for both subtitles and audio.
>Games have regional variants and those variants have different language options.
>Mostly not distinguishing between Mandarin, Cantonese, or other dialects initially because of the information is hard to find, but can go back and revise later.
>Generally using [DekuDeals]( links because it gives all of the eShop information and images, along with price history, time to beat, MetaCritic links, and more.

Please let me know of any that I’m missing, or if I’ve made any mistakes. Xiexie!


**Current Releases**

* [Banner of the Maid](
* [My Time at Portia](
* [Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV](
* [The Legend of Tianding]( (Taiwanese)
* [Icey](
* [OPUS: Echo of Starsong](
* [Lyrica](
* [Lyrica2 Stars Align](
* [Dusk Diver](
* [Immortals Fenyx Rising](
* [Sid Meier’s Civilization VI](
* [Diablo II](
* [Diablo III](
* [Rabbids: Party of Legends](
* [Jurassic World Evolution](
* [Ring Fit Adventure](


**Upcoming or Expected Releases**

* [Afterimage](
* [Genshin Impact](
* [My Time at Sandrock](
* [Dusk Diver 2]( (August 30, 2022)


**Chinese-developed Games without Chinese Audio**

* [Eastward](
* [OPUS: Rocket of Whispers](
* [OPUS: The Day We Found Earth](
* Resident Evil 3 (rumored)


**Language Learning Games**

* [Trancelation](

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