Chinese Language Learning – My experience with Mandarin Blueprint – Are any other people here using it?

## About this post
This post is to discuss [Mandarin Blueprint]( for learning Mandarin Chinese (especially for beginners). I haven’t found many Reddit posts discussing this method when I was researching it, although they do have a lot of facebook and google reviews. I’m curious to see people’s experiences with it, and will also share my own as a beginner in this post.

## My experience with it
The reason I got interested in trying it is because of their Hanzi movie method, which gives you a reliable mnemonic method to memorise all aspects of a character (shape, pronounciation, tone and meaning) effectively and quickly. The biggest obstacle to learning a language like Chinese for me was characters, as I find this part tedious and arbitrary, so their claim made me very interested.

Some time later, I have now learned 250 characters and can confirm that it works. A lot of the “movies” you make will become obsolete or forgotten relatively quickly, once you’ve used the character enough to remember it. But early on when learning a new character, I find it very powerful to be able to memorise it in a way that in a few seconds I will be able to retrieve all aspects of it if I forget any. Without a good mnemonic method, if you forget a character you just forget it, but this method creates such strong mnemonic connections in your brain that it’s actually rare to not be able to remember it with a bit of effort. The course also provides flashcards for absolutely everything and heavily encourages using SRS every day.

I think it’s especially useful for beginners, as it’s harder to see characters in context and truly get used to them until you have a big enough baseline of characters to read content that uses those characters. For example I tried to learn Kanji in the past and they would very quickly leave my memory because I had nothing to attach them to. The mandarin blueprint method gives you a reliable way to learn characters from the start, and focuses on this to get you to the point where you can be reading sentences only made of characters you learned, and eventually stories, as quickly as possible.

## Final note

Other than the technicalities of how the course works, I think it’s very good that this course has a clear path from 0 to advanced, with a plan laid ahead of you to progress with characters and words in a way that’s fun, motivating and effective. Having videos across the various levels and phases of progress to keep you interested/motivated along the way helps a lot too.

Note that I haven’t really tried any other paid course to compare, this is the first one I decided to go with because their method looked like the best solution to my problem with learning characters, and so far it’s been really good so I’m sticking with it.

Since not many people have discussed it on Reddit, I figured I’d make a thread to add some info about it and see if other people use it or what they think about it.

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