Spanish Language Learning – Media in Spanish [MEGATHREAD]


We get a lot of posts every day asking for **Media in Spanish** such as *podcasts*, *series*, *YouTube channels*, *music* and what not, but it doesn’t really make sense to have all those nice recommendations dispersed among lots of different threads, does it? So why not have all of them as one big Megazord?

This post has been divided into **21 Spanish-speaking countries + 1 comment for Other/Non-specific places**. All you have to do is reply to each of them with your suggestions:

* [Argentina](
* [Bolivia](
* [Chile](
* [Colombia](
* [Costa Rica](
* [Cuba](
* [Dominican Republic](
* [Ecuador](
* [El Salvador](
* [Equatorial Guinea](
* [Guatemala](
* [Honduras](
* [Mexico](
* [Nicaragua](
* [Panama](
* [Paraguay](
* [Peru](
* [Puerto Rico](
* [Spain](
* [Uruguay](
* [Venezuela](
* [Others/Non-specific](

If you want to discuss anything or if you have any requests, reply to [**this comment**](

#What can you recommend/request?

Anything from the following list (but not limited to it):

> Books, newspapers, music, radio stations, podcasts, YouTube channels, TV channels, series, movies, videogames, etc.

For things aimed at **native speakers** or at **learners (educational)**, it’d be nice if you specified which kind they are, and also the **topics** they cover (travels, comedy, gaming, politics, sports, etc.).

This will help keeping track of them. When I have time, I’ll add the best ones to the [Wiki](

A link to this thread will be available on the sidebar.

*Vuestro amigo y vecino, Spiderman.*

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