Chinese Language Learning – I have 2,500 physical (not digital) sentence flashcards that I would like to donate to someone living in the United States.

**Update 2/20/2022 11:30am EST:** Wow, this blew up! I totally did not expect this much interest! Almost 30 people messaged me in total, and my wife and I read every single one. Some of you wrote a wall of text and some of the stories were extremely touching. It was very difficult to make a decision and I’m sorry I couldn’t pick everyone. I have already contacted the person who we felt could benefit the most from these and let them know I will be shipping them out tomorrow morning. I guess this post shows there’s still a demand old-school learning techniques like paper flashcards. Best of luck to everyone with all your studies! 加油!

#Card Details:

Here are some [photos]( of what they look like.

They are made from a thin card stock and in a box that holds one ream of paper. The cards are thicker than a regular sheet of paper, but not by much. I think these would damage easily if little kids played with them, but high-school aged or older students in a classroom could probably use them for a while without being damaged.

The 2,500 sentences are taken directly from [Mandarin Corner’s sentence flashcard series]( and are the full HSK 1-5 set. Currently the cards not in any particular order, so you would have to organize them yourself if you want to group them by categories, but they are the full set. I’m not affiliated with Mandarin Corner in anyway other than being a paid member, and I hope Eileen is cool with me posting this here, if not I will take it down.

#Why I have these, and how I used them:

A few years ago, I wanted to practice by doing sentence mining with physical flashcards instead of staring at a computer screen all day with Anki. I already stare at a computer all day for my regular job, so staring at my phone with Anki or some other digital SRS system after work hours seemed like a chore to me at the time. So, I had these physical cards created to cut down on my overall screen time.

In addition to the cards, I had another small box with separate partitions in it and used a method called the [Leitner system]( to study, which is basically the same algorithm Anki and other SRS software uses, but an offline version in the real world. I would look at the English sentence and keyword on the on the front of the card, and try to speak the sentence in Chinese on the back to test myself. As long as I spoke the keyword correctly and the sentence was mostly correct, I would count it as learned then move on to the next card. I would place the learned or forgotten card in the appropriate partition based on the Leitner system.

#Why I’m giving them away:

My wife and I were doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff, and I found these buried in a closet. I eventually stopped using this system a long time ago because I simply couldn’t stick with it long term and started studying a different way that was more efficient for me. However, I feel bad throwing these away since they are still in good shape and I’d like to pass them on to someone else that could use them, hence this post.

#How can you get them?

Please send me a private message with some details on why you want them and how you plan to use them, along with an address I can ship them to. I will send anywhere in the continental U.S. for free. Unfortunately, I can only choose one person to send these to. I will send to whoever I personally feel like will make the best use of them based on the content of their private message. Once the cards are sent, I will update the OP to let everyone know someone has been selected to receive them and the cards have been shipped. If anyone has questions please post in the comments. I will not be home most of the day today, but I plan to check back later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.

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