Chinese Language Learning – How should I translate 术(術) in this phrase into English?

I need some help to translate a software name from Chinese into English. (I’m not learning Chinese, I’m seeking for native English speakers’ help.)

The software’s Chinese name is 大 术 专搜 ( 大 術 專搜 ), a web search extension.

To see the software, web app here: [link 1]( | [link 2]( . (and it has a [full readme]( )

(BTW, click 漢言華語 catagory button on the left, it will show you some useful dictionaries and libraries for learning Chinese.)

Currently I’m using the name “Big Search” to show to non-Chinese users, which has no 术 in it.

– 大 means great; big
– 术 can mean technique ; art(艺术) ; skill ; technic (技术)
– 专搜 indicates the software is built for searching

( 术 has a little meaning of academy(学术) in this context, cause the tool also refers some knowledge databases )

How should I properly translate this software’s name into English?

And, please tell me what English native speakers would think about the current temporary English name “Big Search”.


**Update**: Thank you for you comments and advices! Really helpful. Now I know why it couldn’t attract English speakers enough 😂

Forgot to tell about what my target audience is like:
– Not doing bussiness. I am a **hobbist programmer**.
– Started it when I was a student. Came up with name 大术专搜 in college. Now have been no longer student for years. As more different types of engines being added, it will be less and less “academical” and more and more “universal” I think
– I upload its source code to Github ([welcome to visit them](, and recently most promotion are on Github. So far 70% users are CS/IT I guess. So, if 术 still has meaning, currently it mostly means tech/skill 😂
– Though, I want to make it “**universal**”, which will be for daily, work, entertainment, shopping, learning, academical search and so on, suitable for **all kind of people**, not just IT people or researchers.
– (Btw, see the icon: [篆书 术 with glass](

Any comments or advices will be really helpful !

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