Chinese Language Learning – How I have been able to create my own subtitles/transcribes off interesting videos on YouTube. Please do take a look and take anything you find useful. This was the game changer for me.


You’d like to watch more drama or videos on YouTube.

And what’s nice is that most dramas seem to provide subtitles right there on the screen.

But, you can’t really make use of those subtitles unless you go through the complicated [process of using OCR to extract texts on the screen](


I have been using that as one of the excuses to avoid studying more Chinese.

Now, I have a solution that works for me.

And I think parts of it can also help you.


Auphonic is a service originally intended for enhancing quality of audio.

[This blog post]( talks about how you can make podcasts searchable using existing speech recognition service.

That is to say, you can take any audio and Auphonic will generate transcripts for you.

For example,

I can take this video on YouTube titled [20分钟详解 – 俄罗斯经济到底是怎么回事儿?](

and get the automatically generated [transcript]( via Auphonic. And this process takes only a few minutes.

To set this up in Auphonic, you need to follow the steps listed [here](

I have been using only []( and I am thoroughly satisfied with the result.


Anything on the internet that you can get the audio source of can become your study material.

You don’t need to search for another video in the hopes that you will come across something that has transcription/subtitle.



Personally, I added more to my process so that I can also automatically generate Anki cards but what I describe above is already very powerful.


Auphonic gives you two hours for free to try. I hope you give it a go and incorporate into your routine somehow so that your studying becomes more efficient and fun.

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