Chinese Language Learning – Homework Final

Hi! I’m a second year chinese student and I’ve been preparing for this final for 2 weeks now. We are voicing over a Phone Call scene in a movie or tv show and I am submitting a script and video+audio recording. The script is basically a conversation between the 2 parties. I am fairly confident in my script, but of course it is always nice to have a second opinion. (Hopefully this isnt against the rules) and there’s absolutely no obligation to read it over. If you want to laugh at my poor chinese you absolutely can. Below I listed the required grammar needed (they are all used in the script). Any grammar mistakes you see, I would greatly appreciate to be pointed out. Thanks!

P.S All ***bold and italicized*** sentences are ones im rocky on. I put the intended translation below them

P.S.S As I see corrections I’ll **update** this post

1. Make YES/NO question
2. Make WH questions
3. The particle 的Function #1 Possession withFunction #2 adjective + 的 + noun
4. A-NOT-A question
5. Indicate past tense using 了
6. Indicate future tense using 要7.就Function #1 as soon as, …以后,就…Function #2 sooner than expectedFunction #3 indicates the close relationship betweentwo clauses8.一边…一边…
7. 正在 + verb
8. 除了…以外,还…
9. 能 or 会
10. 因为/要是…,…就…

P.S: I know the content is weird… please just ignore it.

喂!你打电话 ”Mario‘s 披萨“。您有什么需要的?

Wei! Ni da dian hua Marios Pisa. Nin you shenme xu yao de?

喂。 我们想要点四张披萨。能不能?

Wei. Women xiang yao dian si zheng pisa. Neng bu neng?


Hao. Si zhang pisa. Hai yao bie de ma?


***Shang ci wo gei*** ***ni da dian*** ***hua hen man. Zhe ci neng*** ***kuai*** ***dian ma?***


Hao. Dui bu qi. Women jintian hui zuo de geng kuai. Zhe jiu shi quanbu?


Wo hui hui dajia. Ni me xiang ma? Dang wo wen yi hou, jiu tamen xiang yixie dongxi. Wo ke yi zai mai wu ge ma?


Ni xianzai zai canjia paidui ma?


***Dui, da paidui. 要是***

Yes, very big party. If you have that, ill have 3 more. One, two, three, four, five, six…




Hai you geng duo. Hugo, summer, Hans, fute? Wo xiang ling yi zhang pisa. Wo xiang nage yiqi boluo.


***Chu le…..yi*** ***wai, hai***

Do you want all of those except this one to be pineapple?

我可以问大家。大家好,你想不想跟多菠萝披萨。。啊好。对,我们想更多的菠萝皮萨。Claire 爱菠萝 披萨。 sheeesh

Wo keyi wen da jia. Dajiahao, ni xiang bu xiang gen duo boluo pisa… a hao. Dui, women xiang gen duo de boluo pisa. Claire ai boluo pisa. Sheeesh


Claire? Wo xihuan nage mingzi

漂亮的名字。Oh 也,我的朋友 Andy 说你有鸡?

Piaoliang de mingzi. Oh ye, wo de pengyou Andy shuo ni you ji?


Shei shi claire? Ta keai ma? Wo danshen ni zhidao.


Mei you. Mei you ren xihuan ta. Wo–




She is cute only sometimes


I like her. I still like her. I like her personality

你不认识 Claire

Ni bu renshi Claire


I think I like her. Can I chat


She talks while eating

***Yi bian*** ***yi*** ***bian***


Mei guan xi

。。Claire 曾经是我的女朋友了

Claire cengjing shi wo de nu pengyoule.


Sorry! I didn’t know!


No! Its okay. She’ll be b ack. We used to be together. She cheated.


Na li haiyou shei?

我会看。。大家!啊,Claire 要走了。 对不起

Wo hui kan..da jia. A, claire yao zoule. duibuqi

***等等等! Claire 是漂亮。我不服。我不在乎她是否胖。告诉她我觉得她很漂亮。她是完美。我得***


Wait wait! Claire is pretty. I am not convinced. I don’t care if she is fat. Tell her I think she’s beautiful. She is perfect. I have to have her. We will be perfect together. We can make pizza together. She could eat it all. We can be happy together.


Wow…. ni ai Claire


Wo zhen de


Oh, shes on the ground. She’s been shot!


Bu bu!

***啊啊啊!!! 她刚中强。塌下来了!塌下来了!我要报警!***

A!! She;s been shot! She fell down! She feel down! I’m going to call police!


****hangs up****

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