Chinese Language Learning – Hey Guys, I made a Graded Reader News App in Chinese with Grammar Rules and Quizzes. I think it’s pretty cool.

Hey guys – some of you may have talked to me in the Discord chat or elsewhere and heard me talk about my app.

For those of you who haven’t heard – I started learning Chinese several years ago and really liked graded reader apps, but felt like there were some areas that could be improved upon. I wanted tone colors and grammar rules, and set out on a journey to make those happen.

I decided to create my own graded reader app, and have over the past year and a half have built out a language learning platform for Chinese. The result is Pandaist!

The app is available for iOS, Android and web (and will eventually have native Windows and Mac versions, but that’ll come later) and includes:

* Chinese language news based on HSK level (using the new HSK levels) and for levels 7-9, the words are leveled based on frequency distribution in Chinese
* Currently over 300 articles, all written by native Chinese speakers
* Per character dictionary (click the character)
* Per sentence translations into English (hold down your finger/mouse to show a sentence). This will eventually be expanded to other languages as well
* High quality article audio assisted by advanced AI
* Per sentence as well as per article grammar rule analysis based on my “Grammar Engine” – which uses some decently advanced linguistics research.
* Full dictionary search with over 100,000 words in the dictionary and almost 15,000 individual characters
* Tone colors assigned to all 100,000 words with configurable colors. This was a **really** hard feature to implement, so definitely let me know if you notice any tone colors that are off
* Dark mode!
* Supports simplified and traditional characters
* There are 12 quizzes, including flash cards, character writing, cloze tests, matching game, multiple choice tests for hanzi, pinyin, simplified/traditional, tone, chengyu, measure word and grammar rule
* There’s an experimental “Wordle” clone for HSK characters. This is still a new feature, so bear in mind it isn’t perfect or the final version yet.

**Note** – the app has been substantially improved in appearance since taking these pictures. I just haven’t had time to completely replace them all!




All of this is, besides a tiny amount of premium articles – completely and absolutely **free**.

The app is pretty big, and there are a lot of features, so if you have any problems or notice any features you’d like to see added, please feel free to contact me. There’s a contact form inside the app and I try to check my messages regularly. I am also available here too.

I also recently got a $6000 credit from Microsoft for server and artificial intelligence services through their Founder Hub so expect big improvements in speed, functionality, grammar analysis, in the near future.

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