Chinese Language Learning – Fastest (& best) way to learn Chinese with the least effort – Intermediary level (HSK 4~ish) and above


I’ve been learning Chinese for 4~5 years.

Lots of mistakes at the beginning. I took the worse possible approach to learning Chinese at the start. Even though I stumbled and made a lot of mistakes, I have no idea what kind of advice to give to those of you who have just started learning, except to keep at it and be persistent (actually, I do. I have a lot of advice. But this post is for intermediary students)

Now, I’m no master in Chinese, and I certainly haven’t studied as hard as other people (except for the first 4 months). However, 2 years ago, I stumbled upon two little gems. Now I can read books, textbooks, newspapers, comics with relative ease. I can even watch and enjoy movies where everyone talks like how they did in the Ming dynasty (depends, though. Some things are still hard).

Now, the prerequisite for this to work is that you have to enjoy reading. That’s it. Any kind of reading is fine, even if it’s the trashiest online novel 网络小说 / 垃圾小说.

(1) will help you if you are fluent (or good) in English AND you ENJOY reading.

Introducing: Pleco’s Clip Reader.


Open Pleco, tap / click on the three bars at the left, and open the clip reader.

Now, once you’re here, you’ll probably have a screen that says something like

‘This screen will allow you to look up Chinese words in a piece of text simply by tapping on them.’

So, what you have to do is copy a piece of text then open clip reader. 9/10 times it’ll be pasted there automatically. 1/10 times you’ll have to click a refresh button at the top.

Here’s what it looks like when you’ve done this.


Pretty cool, eh?

This is amazing for people who like reading. I’ve read so many books like this, and it’s improved my vocabulary & reading comprehension.

My recommendation is to choose a long book in which words are repeated often & the general level is near where you’re at. Preferably choose a book which doesn’t make you think and philosophize about life and whatnot; something that’s just pure enjoyment of dopamine doses.


2) If you’re not good at English (maybe not you, but one of your Chinese learning friends), but you still like to read, try 讯飞有声.

It’s an app that turns text into audio. They have tens and tens of different voices (which aren’t grating to one’s ears. For the best ones, unfortuantely, you have to pay) and they include a lot of different dialects. There are more features, but that’s about it.




BTW. I’m writing an online novel, and I’m translating it into Chinese. I’ll be putting it on Chinese platforms and people can read it for free (Chinese or English Version).

1. Does anyone know of any good platforms I can put it on for free (as in, I don’t want to sign a contract and get money from them. I also don’t want those platforms to charge readers for reading my work). I’ve already thought of Weibo. Not sure if I can put it on 起点 or 微信读书 or QQ阅读
2. Are there any Native Chinese people who are willing to help with editing after I finish translating?


3)(@mods) Also, is it possible to put the Chinese & English Versions on here for free? (It’ll be good in helping people improve their Chinese :p)

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