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Hi all, I have a reasonably eclectic music taste, and generally I can’t go too long listening to only one genre or subgenre of music without getting a bit fatigued of it. This means that I find it difficult to listen only to the Chinese music I’ve found thus far (to keep my thinking in Chinese) while doing Chinese writing/reading work and vocabulary memorization. I often just end up switching back to my normal English playlists after getting bored of the couple artists or artists I’ve found, but doing so noticeably slows down my writing, reading, and memorization speed, as if genres my thinking to normal patterns and forcing me into a translation mindset instead of an immersion one.

The issue is that, every time I try to start exploring Chinese musicians, the number of artists who (from among the accessible ones on Spotify) just sound like a variant on that Jay Chou ballady/feelingsy pop vibe (essentially the one genre I do not really want to listen to) is so enormous that it makes the task of gathering a full playlist’s worth seem insurmountable.

Anyway, those are the “stakes” and the factors involved, as it were. The tl;dr is that I don’t want 1-2 artists I might like, but want to begin building a fuller range of Chinese music artists I can draw on from across. The question then is: **Does anyone have suggestions on where to find Chinese music artists in alternative genres, and how to go more efficiently go about building a music taste in Chinese using Spotify?**

It may help to have a more or less representative sample of the music I listen to in English/typically, roughly sorted by similarity:

* Sufjan Stevens (far and above all others, in all his variants of folk, electro-maximalist, classical, avant garde noise, etc.)
* Radiohead, Perfume Genius, Bon Iver, The Japanese House
* The Antlers, Mount Eerie, Keaton Henson, Elliot Smith
* Son Lux, FKA Twigs, James Blake, Frank Ocean
* SZA, Summer Walker, The Weeknd (older), Jazmine Sullivan, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R.
* Lauryn Hill; Kendrick Lamar; Kanye West; Tyler, the Creator, Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, Bryson Tiller
* Tierra Whack, Remi Wolf, Doja Cat, Kate Bush, Björk, 100 Gecs, PinkPantheress
* Mitski, Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan (Blue nbhd era)
* + assorted opera/classical vocal art song

Also, for comparison, when I was studying Arabic, the music I listened to included all of:

* classic/jazzy/traditional/quasi-classical (Majida Er-roumi, Fairouz, Marcel Khalifeh, Lena Chamamayn, Umm Kulthum)
* Avant garde & chamber indie (Tamer Abu Ghazaleh)
* pop punk/indie rock (Akher Zapheer, Mashrou’ Leila, Jadal)
* hip hop (Omar Offendum, Shadia Mansour)
* electropop/downtempo indie/folk (Soapkills/Ÿuma)
* ballad pop (Sherine)
* broader contemporary pop (Meen, Tania Saleh, Maii and Zeid, Cairokee, Fadel Chaker, Maryam Saleh)
* dance-oriented/dabke/the kind of pop on decades playlists (Fares Karam, Wael Kfoury, Amr Diab, Hussain Aljassmy, Hossam Habib)

and so forth— I’m leaving a ton out, since this is just a run-through of one playlist, but it should give an idea of variety/range I’m going for



Please also feel free to leave your own similar questions in the comments

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