Chinese Language Learning – Cartoons in Mandarin

I’m looking for a good channel for watching cartoons in Mandarin. Ideally the subtitles can be easily exported (so the CC button should overlay subtitles).


This website is almost perfect because all of their shows have subtitles (if you open a playlist sometime you first have their shows without subtitles, but if you keep scrolling you’ll get the versions with the subtitles)

I really like the level of the series above. Just because I can understand 95% of what is being said. I do read the subtitles while the show is playing because this activity I’m considering a “passive” activity. I was exporting disney plus series like x-men transcripts and watching without subtitles but I don’t want to jump to this level just yet because it’s a little uncomfortable for passive acquisition (I can’t be consistent).

Any cartoon channels that are similar to the one above would be appreciated. It doesn’t need to be youtube it could be an authentic Chinese media platform so long as I can download transcripts and so long as they have a subtitle option.


EDIT 1: By the way if you go directly to their website you can pull their full transcripts, so this LittleFoxChinese channel appears pretty useful (and the series are broke by level, so you can see their highest level for example has their “journey to the west” cartoon – which is actually very enjoyable.)

Edit 2: Also any Wuxia anime recommendations would be appreciated, I found a pretty accessible one below. I like it because the subtitles seem easily downloadable and it seems to be a good gateway to wuxia. But this is a step above the “learning friendly” channel above.


featured here:



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