Chinese Language Learning – any good cantonese online dictionaries (websites or apps!)?

I’ve been searching for an online cantonese dictionary for a while, but many of them are hard to use or not as efficient as I would like them to be. The main purpose of the website/app i would like is to pronounce the character that I’m looking up.

This is because I grew up in a canto-speaking family but never learned to read or write (other than the most simple characters). My speaking isn’t like a native, but I can speak it; it is just luk luk cuk cuk lol. IIcan also listen to a pretty good extent (but I don’t really understand when it comes to news or song lyrics). Two years ago I had somewhat of an “identity enlightenment” and got into learning chinese. I started off with mandarin because that’s whats more “useful” these days, and I’m still learning mando.

However, I started learning canto alongside mando by learning the canto pronunciation of the chinese character by attempting to read the jyutping on my favorite chinese/mando dictionary ([]( Yellowbridge is for mando learners, but they still provide the jyutping but no canto pronunciation.

The problem is that I don’t plan on learning jyutping bc the numbers confuse me. I usually “read” the jyutping by applying what I usually know from daily convos/dramas to the jyutping (if that makes sense haha). To be more concise, I learn the characters by listening, and not reading the tones w/ numbers (this applies to the words that I already know). But I must acknowledge that spoken canto is not like written canto, so this process is quite hard for me to do when it comes to the words that I don’t know.

So that is why I want to find a dictionary that has someone speaking the character! This post probably does not make sense cause it is very confusing. Honestly, if I didn’t type this, I probably would not understand lol. But I would appreciate any help! Also, if there isn’t any good dictionaries, should I just learn jyutping just to make my life easier :”) ??

Also, the dictionaries that I’m using for now are:


(This is the best that I’ve found, but sometimes it freezes and lags a bit. It just doesn’t flow as smoothly)


(This is pretty good as well, but there are lot of characters that don’t come up because it’s more focused on phrases instead of actual words)

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