Chinese Language Learning – Announcing a closed Alpha for the new app Pandaist, that should be released sometime this year

Hello everyone!

I am one of the team members at Pandaist, a new language learning app that is in the process of launching. This app will be most similar to apps like The Chairman’s Bao and Du Chinese.

We’ve posted here before, but due to various business issues, the app has taken longer to get ready for launch than initially anticipated.

We’re now in a relatively advanced state of development, and are now looking to start engaging with the community.

You can take a look at our current process here (note: all our current articles are dummy articles, and not an example of real content – we are still in the process of hiring writers/content deals):

Pandaist App

We are currently looking for between 5 to 10 alpha testers of the app per platform (so iOS, Android and web). These testers will receive a free year long subscription.

**Features of the app so far:**

* Ability to read articles in Chinese, with the ability to save characters for later review or reference. All articles will have full audio as well as speed control
* Grammar engine that generates grammar rules based on the words in the article. Currently there are 50 rules but we hope to expand to around 500 before full commercial launch. This grammar engine utilizes a never before commercialized technology (for reasons that will be explained later)
* Flash card game that lets you see a Chinese character, definition, play the sound and see your score
* Character writing practice, where you can practice writing Chinese characters with a score to see how well you did
* Statistics, so you can track your progress (this is a work in progress, and we will absolutely want user feedback on it)
* Bookmarking articles for later reference or review
* Settings to control the type of content you see, and the way you see it

**Features to come (probably before full release):**

* Full dynamic grammar tests – the grammar engine is incredibly powerful, and ultimately will allow grammar tests to be generated from texts you have just read, or have bookmarked. How this will eventually work will come down to a mixture of user input and technical feasibility.
* In-depth character review – while this is partially implemented, ultimately users will be able to do a deep dive into a given character. This is also tied in with…
* Dictionary support. Having a full searchable dictionary that is integrated with your content reading is an important feature we feel is missing from other graded reader apps.
* A whole host of additional features and configuration options for the flash card and character writing tests, including spaced repetition, testing based on HSK level or other criteria, etc. One of our team members used to help manage a psych lab doing learning/forgetting research, so we’re planning on implementing a lot of cool ways to trick your brain into remembering Chinese!
* Possibly additional games or tests, based on community interest (one idea we had was a Drops-like game)
* Possibly Windows and Mac desktop versions, based on community interest

So anyway, if you’re interested in alpha testing, we’d love to hear from you.

Remember, there’s currently only dummy content, and the builds definitely will have bugs, graphical glitches, etc. This is definitely not a production project yet, and our competitors have had 5+ years to deliver their products. But if you’re interested in trying the app out, please let us know! We’d absolutely love to get you trying it and get your feedback.

— The Pandaist Team

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