Chinese Language Learning – 萬歲 Usage and Custom

I would like to know the general custom when using 萬歲 in China / Chinese. In all the Sino influenced countries [Korea, Japan, China, and Vietnam] 萬歲 is used as a nationalistic chant although I’ve learned through wikipedia that in Vietnam they use muôn năm apparently which isn’t an exact transliteration of 萬歲 although it obviously seems to have originated from 萬歲. Anyways, as a Korean I’m pretty well aware of how 萬歲[ManSei] is used in Korea, generally with a loud cheering voice and throwing both hands up in the air. And from all the Japanese WWII movies I’ve seen, the Japanese seem to shout BanZai in the same fashion with the two hands in the air [possibly the Korean Man-Sei style was learned from Japan?].

So my question is, in China do they also throw both hands up in the air? Is it similar to the BanZai shout? I’ve found videos of Deng Xiaping, Hu Jintou, and Xi Jingping saying WanSei during their speech, but the crowd just applauded, a video I found from Taiwan seemed somewhat more similar to the Japanese style although I can’t rule out Japanese influence on Taiwan being the differing factor. Can anyone explain how the difference between the usage of Wansei and the Korean/Japanese style 萬歲 cheer?

I’ve posted some videos for reference.

Korean ManSei:

– [](


Japanese BanZai:


Chinese WanSui:


ROC WanSui:


Vietnamese MuonNam (best video I could find unfortunately]


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