Chinese Language Learning – 台灣中文 Taiwan-style Mandarin Learning Resources that helped me

**YouTube Channels**
[[My Dear Mandarin](] This is a newer channel with a mix of educational content plus vlog-style but still educational videos in Taiwan. The hosts are young, charismatic and have both good mandarin and english. I recommend the vlog style one going through the night market in Kaohsiung . They also upload frequently to their instagram with posts about vocabulary and other interesting things.
[[Grace Mandarin Chinese](] Grace is a mandarin teacher from Taiwan, focused on education content. Good at explaining simple an complex topics. I have also enjoyed her mandarin-only vlog videos through the USA.
[[Muse木棉花-闔家歡](] This channel uploads hundreds of Taiwanese mandarin dubbed+subbed anime and cartoons. The channel licenses all of this content so in some places you may need to use a VPN to watch all the videos. I have watched so many hours of the show 我們這一家 ( other channels also have this show’s full episodes if a VPN isn’t an option. Highly recommended for learning everyday language, and it is genuinely entertaining even for beginners.

[[Mandarin Monkey](] The two hosts are a british husband speaking English and Taiwanese wife speaking Mandarin. The both use their own native language to make sure you get a lot of comprehensible input, even if the topic is more complicated. The have great chemistry and discuss a wide range of topics. I find myself laughing out loud very often to them.
[[Learn Mandarin in Mandarin with Huimin](] I like this one because Huimin teaching mandarin entirely using mandarin. She includes a vocab list in the description of each episode. To be honest the first couple (or more XD) time listening through some of her episodes I could only pick out a few words. However, after a few months of studying I found I was able to understand 95% of the first dozen episodes. Definitely a great pick for comprehensible input, and her topics are interesting.
[[台味中文 Learn Chinese, the Taiwanese Way](] His podcasts are also completely in mandarin. What I love about his is that in every episode description the word by word transcript of the entire episodes with time stamps, and vocab lists. His accent is very clear and he put a lot of effort into every episode.

Please comment any other resources you like, I am also a learning and am trying to find new Youtube channels/podcasts/etc. at my level. I am focused on traditional characters, and Taiwan style of speaking. Hope I could help 🙂

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