Chinese Language Learning – 句子 – Sentences with Examples and Translation

# The sentences are all made up.

# 句子 – Sentences

# 1. 竟然

# 现在在中国越来越多的女人竟然放弃梦想,甘愿做家庭妇女。

# 2. 何况

# 简单的对话大卫尚且都不懂,更何况难的了。

# 3. 寂寞

# 当你感到寂寞时,就可以上网找人聊聊感兴趣的话题。

# 4. 尤其

# 生活的压力越来越大了,现代的年轻人尤其喜爱通过网络结识新朋友来缓解心理的负担。

# 5. 隐私

# 玛丽有一个绝对不能告诉任何人的隐私。

# 6. 潇洒

# 他说话的时候不加思索,随意发挥,而且风姿潇洒,娓娓动听,所以大家都很喜欢听他说话。

# 7. 承担

# 什么也不能阻止他们,他们已准备好承担一切后果。

# 8. 指望

# 你们不能指望我把东西白白地送给你们。

# 9. 打拼

# 丽娜是个独自在上海打拼的外乡人。她在上海无亲无故,真不容易。

# 10. 当初

# 每当我读起那些信时,便会想起, 我当初为什么想和她度过一生。

# 11. 糊涂

# 这个问题让我彻底糊涂了,无法决定该做些什么。

# 12. 打扰

# 我工作的时候,不喜欢别人过来打扰我。

# 13. 压力

# 我最近的学业和生活压力都很大,紧张得经常失眠。

# 14. 珍惜

# 我很感激我生命中的每一个灰暗时刻,因为它们让我更珍惜阳光。

# 15. 惦记

# 你知道吗?有个人时时想念着你、惦记着你。

# 16. 嫉妒

# 不成熟的男人会让自己的女人嫉妒别的女人,成熟的男人会让其他女人嫉妒自己的女人。

# 17. 处处

# 作为孩子,在我的眼中,父亲处处都很出色。

# 18. 付出

# 从哪来就会到哪去,付出了哪些就会得到哪些。

# 19. 放松

# 期中考试结束了,让我们来娱乐放松吧。

# 20. 委屈

# 她一受委屈就对她的玩具娃娃抱以拳头。

# 翻译 – Translation

# 1. Currently in China, more and more Chinese girls actually give up their dreams to be housewives.

# 2. David can’t even understand simple conversations, let alone difficult ones.

# 3. When you feel lonely, you can surf the Internet and talk about interesting topics with other people.

# 4. A lot of people are under pressure in life, youngsters especially love to meet new people through the network to ease the psychological burden.

# 5. Mary has a private matter that she will never tell anyone.

# 6. He speaks so effortlessly and spontaneously and with such a captivating eloquence. It was fascinating to hear him talk.

# 7. Nothing could stop them; they were prepared to face the consequences.

# 8. You can’t expect me to give you my goods for nothing.

# 9. Lina is a newcomer in Shanghai, struggling for life on her own. She has no family in Shanghai; it’s really not easy.

# 10. Every time I read these letters, I am reminded why I wanted to spend my life with her.

# 11. This problem has me completely stuck, I can’t decide what to do.

# 12. While I’m working I don’t want people to come to my desk just to bother me.

# 13. Lately, I feel a lot of pressure from my academic work and life. I often lose sleep at night.

# 14. I appreciate those depressing times in my life, because they make me treasure the good times.

# 15. Do you know there is someone thinking of you and caring about you all the time?

# 16. A boy makes his girl jealous of other women. A man makes other women jealous of his girl.

# 17. As a child, in my eyes, my father was great at everything.

# 18. What goes around comes around; you get back what you give out.

# 19. Midterms are over, time to have some fun!

# 20. Whenever she feels wronged by others, she punches her doll, taking out her anger on it.

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